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Waste Processing, Shipping
and Disposal


Waste Operator at Control Station

Trained operators process and package waste in remote
processing and hands-on areas at the WVDP.


Waste being moved with forklift

Processed waste is staged when prepared for
off-site shipment.


Off-site truck shipment of waste

Packaged waste is shipped off-site for
disposal at licensed facilities.


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CHBWV is processing, packaging, and shipping off site for disposal low-level waste (LLW), mixed low-level waste (MLLW) and industrial waste generated at the WVDP. The waste includes legacy waste (previously generated waste in storage) and newly generated waste from current activities.

This work is meeting the WVDP's objective to reduce the radioactive and general waste inventories at the site while preparing facilities for deactivation and demolition. Examples of LLW and MLLW include:

  • Debris and equipment removed from radiation areas
  • Vessels and piping
  • Demolition debris from radioactive facilities
  • Filters and processing media
  • Protective clothing and gear


Examples of industrial waste include:

  • Waste generated during demolition of non-radioactive facilities
  • Sanitary waste from offices, locker rooms, etc.

Radioactive waste processing is conducted in controlled areas using hands-on (contact) and remote-handled (robotically-controlled) processes. Workers are specially trained and equipped to perform this work. Processed and packaged low-level waste is shipped offsite for disposal at licensed disposal facilities.


Legacy Waste Disposition